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8th Annual Leader Summit Presentations & Handouts

8th Annual LEADER Summit
March 15 & 16, 2017
Paragon Casino Resort
Marksville, LA

Speaker Presentations & Handouts Received

Plenary I: Making Sure Your Cast And Crew Are Focused On Person-Centered Care - Leah Klusch (Presentation)

A1. The Value Of Uninterrupted Sleep For Elders - Leah Klusch (Presentation)

A2. Finding Emilou: A Relationship-Centered Care case Study - Kareen King (Handout)

A3. Staff Recruitment Training - Sarah Ragona (Presentation)

A4. Purses & Shoes ForSale: Strategies For Caring For Individuals With Dementia - Camille Claibourne (Presentation)

B1. Clinician's Persepective In A Culture Change Model - Dr. Harris, Dr. Curtis, Dr. Day (Presentation)
B1. Caregiver Tips - Dr. Harris, Dr. Curtis, Dr. Day (Handout)
B1. Consumer Fact Sheet - Dr. Harris, Dr. Curtis, Dr. Day (Handout)
B1. Huddle Tips - Dr. Harris, Dr. Curtis, Dr. Day (Handout)
B1. Probing Questions - Dr. Harris, Dr. Curtis, Dr, Day (Handout)

B2. How To Involve Families In The Care Of Their Elders - Camille Clabourne (Presentation)

B3. Staff Retention Training - Sarah Ragona (Presentation)

B4. Let's Get Unreal! How To Plan And Facilitate A Creatively Engaging Group Experience For Older Adults - Kareen King (Presentation)

Group Activity. Let's Get Unreal! Improvisational Exercices To Incorporate In Activity Programming - Kareen King (Handout)

C1. Turning Patients, Residents, And Famillies Into Outrageously Loyal Fans - Larry Johnson (Presentation)

C1. Loyal Fans - Larry Johnson (Handout)

C3. New Dining Practice Standards - Dr. Harris (Presentation)
C3. Person Centered Dining Practices - Dr. Harris (Handout)

C4. Preventing And Managing Alzheimer's Disease - Dr. Jeffrey Keller (Presentation)

D1. Music & Memory Grant Winners Panel (Handout)

D2. The Final Rule As It Relates To QAPI And Resident Choice - Julie Kueker (Presentation)

D4. Getting Residents Out Of Wheeled Chairs - Amy Moore (Presentation)